-About My Collections-
My interest in sewing & design began 20 years ago with my career in restoring antique aircraft .

I have always enjoyed beautiful leathers, fabrics, metals, crystals, beads & other materials......... I decided to incorporate my favorite items and put them into designs I find interesting. My favorite areas of design are a mix of Victorian & modern design. 

My design brand names are JT Bling & Leone, and I live and work in Phoenix Arizona. 

My newest interest is working with polymer clays and incorporating the clay medium into my designs.  My latest designs have been inspired by a gifted friend of mine, she specializes in knitting, she has inspired me to make items for use on knitted items.  The polymer clay comes in beautiful colors and is very strong, yet flexible and light, and perfect for knitted apparel such as wraps, sweaters, handbags etc.

My new creations have been buttons in various sizes and shapes and they are perfect for the knitted items because of the clays' lightness, it  is possible to add these larger buttons and and notions to the delicate knits without weighing down the knit.  I have also started making what I call KnitStx which are flexible curvy pins with ornate designs, such as crystals etc. on one end.  The KnitStx are to wear on scarves and wraps (the same concept as a safety-pin but safer and prettier), worn on the shoulder or across the front of the knitted items .  I make the knit-stx in different lengths and diameters for different types of knitted designs.  The larger diameter KnitStx are for the loose weave and for the tighter knits I make a smaller diameter KnitStx.

I also make custom buttons, tags, & jewelry with names of people or their business name, and incorporate personalization into the designs upon request.  I can be contacted on the Information page by e mail.

You may view  the beautiful knitting collection by my friend whom goes by the brand name Melowed Ease.  To view her items, just click on the Other Artist link on the bottom left of the Home Page.